All through the night and deep in the woods instruments made from gourds are carefully crafted. The score was created using the actual gourd instruments.

My brother, Eric Amadeus Von Preising, was living with me in LA for a little bit. He decided to make a violin from scratch. Everyday I would come home and he'd be crafting and carving away on this thing until eventually he actually did it. It sounded really cool and no one could believe how awesome it turned out. He left back to Oregon but I decided the next time he came back I would document him making another one. He eventually returned and as we talked about it the idea expanded into this very ambitious instrument making video project.
This video is especially important to me because it was obviously a passion project. My brother and I spent our hard earned money to make it happen. Plus, it was a cool way to bring together both of our skills.

Directed by Laban Pheidias
Instrument Maker: Eric Von Preising
DP: Dan O'Sullivan -
Walking shot - Lucia Damiana
Timelapse: Jeff Morris -
PA: Alex Radovanovitch
Crane op: Danozone
Art direction and Set design: Sandy Hubshman
Musicians for score
Eric Von Preising - Gourd violen, viola
Cory Beers - Gourd Percussion
Michael Ibarra - Gourd bass
Alex Radovanovitch - Gourd guitar
Musician on screen
Dan O'Sullivan
Alex Radovanovitch
Eric Von Preising
Laban Pheidias
Arthur Von Preising
Music recorded and mixed by Mads Heldtberg at House of Hayduk, Los Angeles
Special thanks to Welburn Gourd Farm

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