The Southern Pines Planning Board met in the Boyd Room at 180 Broad St. SW at 7:00 P.M. on February 16, 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to review and decide upon which federal NAICS industry codes will be recommended to the Southern Pines Town Council as "pre-approved" for permitting in those areas zoned "Industrial" within the Southern Pines Town jurisdiction.

You can watch the Planning Board decide on codes to include or exclude based on their personal and emotional reactions to the wording of the NAICS index entries. Many times they freely admit that they have no idea what the code covers, but they exclude any that sound "dirty" or "dangerous". And they exclude any which they deem "inappropriate" for an industrial area, even when those uses, or businesses, would do no harm by locating within an industrial setting.

The Board members also talk about how they are just the first layer of regulation and bureaucracy that a company must face when establishing a business location. This discussion should help you understand why so many businesses locate in other countries which do not place so many hurdles and so great a regulatory cost in the way of their business.

Overall, a mundane, probably boring to most, meeting. But it gives a great insight into the way Planning Boards think and how they can discourage -- or encourage -- new business and jobs.

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