The new GBTimelapse HDR bulb ramping with ISO stepping feature set makes its debut appearance!

This is the first HDR ramping test outside of the testing Mike (the genius behind the GBT software) has experimented with. I'm very impressed with the flicker free results considering the Av stepping. The flicker that is present is a natural result of the sun shifting behind the cloud cover (unfortunately). Definitely disappointed with the blow out behind the clouds, but the challenges of shooting directly into the sun will always be present. Next time, I'll plan to exposure an extra stop or two under just to be safe.

The Dynamic Perception dolly is controlled via USB support in GBT. A perfect combination. I'm really excited to employ this new skill set to my 2012 production for Mountains in Motion. For more info:

The specs:

Canon T3i w/ Canon 10-22mm lens @ 10mm w/ GBT Aperture Correct Script Enabled, RAW (saved to camera)
Luminance Tracking enabled AutoRamp
NO LENS TWIST ( I know, scary move for HDR time-lapse, right???) + 6-stop ND (1.8)
Aperture stepping!
ISO stepping
Bulb ramping
HDR (+2/-2/0) w/ intelligent ISO shifting to keep intervals at a minimum!
Interval ramping
Ultra-light, Asus 10.1" netBook running Windows 7 Starter

This sequence covers a 3 hour period. I would have continued to let it fully transition into night, but I had to retreat home early for Friday night festivities! The HDR doesn't really portray how dark it was when I actually stopped the shot. In the future, an EXR sequence would be keyframed to drop the exposure during the transition to night via Ginger HDR.

Beginning bracket: (15 sec interval)

0.15 second, iso 100, f16
0.6 second, iso 100, f16
0.6 second ,iso 400, f16

Ending bracket (42 second interval):

1 second, iso 1600, f4
4 seconds, iso 1600, f4
19 seconds, iso 1600, f4

Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Photographed by Doug Urquhart
Music: "No Turning Back" Lovett

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