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Hi. I want to explain something about some signs. My friends are always asking me, "Sean, what's the sign for 'bitch', or 'nigga'." Basically any offensive thing they can think of. Anyway, many signs depend on its use. They differ for every situation. Example. The sign for 'fake' is similar to the sign for 'step' as in 'step mother', or 'step sister'. For example: "See that woman over there? She's a fake bitch!". "See that woman over there? She's my stepmom."

Now, the sign for 'nigger' which is a bad name to call black people. It's the same, wait, no, it's close to the sign for 'funny'. Like, "A person tells a joke and everyone laughs, that man is funny." Example for funny: "Russell Peters is a funny guy." Now, the sign for 'nigger' is close to 'funny'. With the sign for 'funny' you have your thumb sticking out, see? But for 'nigger' the thumb is tucked in. As in, "What's up, nigga?" Get it? So it depends on the use of the sign.


I'm not making any of this up. I study ASL in school, and there are a ton of signs that are either similar to each other, or have the same sign but has a different connotation. And the reason I used Russell Peters for this was because he has this joke about Deaf people and their Signs. It's kind of true. A lot of signs are now changing to be more politically correct. The sign for 'Chinese' used to be a finger held up to the eye lid and dragged across to create a slanted eye. Now it's your index finger dragged across your chest to create an upside down 'L' shape.

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