Video 2: Responding & Seeking Emotional Safety
(Video 1:

Full outline can be grabbed here:

In this video, Lauren talks about:
#1 - Validating your hurt, grief, betrayal
#2 - Different types of natural responses - unhealthy vs healthy
#3 - Evaluating your personal emotional health
#4 - Identifying the lies you believe (IE. "this is my fault")
#5 - Co-dependency tendencies & healthy detachment
#6 - Finding community & a confidant
#7 - Coming to terms that you cannot change or save him
#8 - Evaluating the relationship as a whole

RECOMMENDED READING FOR THIS SEGMENT: Chapters 1, 2, & 3 for Living With Your Husband's Secret Wars
ADDT'L OPT READING: Sex & The Soul Of A Woman by Paula Rhinehart

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