Three soldiers had been lost for weeks in an unknown and mysterious forest. They will try to get out of there with only their last breath of life. When all hope is gone all we had left is our memories.

Alex Saavedra as Mayor Robert Hunter
Javier "El Ganzo" Cepeda as Private Paul Fisher
Carlos Eduardo as Private George Woodsman
Veba Guajardo: Medieval Blue girl
Victoria Velarde: 20's Melon girl
Camila Barragán: Persian Redhead girl

Directors: A.J. Gomez and Victoria Velarde
Story: Victoria Velarde and A.J. Gomez
Art Direction: Jacob Gomez, Victoria Velarde and A.J Gomez
Music and Original Soundtrack: Ezekiel
Editing and Cinematography: A.J. Gomez
Wardrobe: Victoria Velarde.

Special Thanks to all the Models and friends who help us made this possible.

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