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Written & Directed by Lana Tannir
Produced by Lindsay Newcomb & Padmini Narumanchi
Cinematography by Casey Stein

Starring Emily Johansson, Alexa Gerasimovich and Liz Douglas

Dust, a short experimental film, is a story about memory and age. It explores the relationship between childhood and adulthood specifically the effect that our childhood memories have on our personality, the mannerisms we develop, our relationships with people and our attachments to objects.

Mia, a twenty-three year old girl, lives at home with her sick mother, cut off from exterior human contact and a purpose in life. Spending her days in the dusty, filthy house, Mia observes her mother as she struggles with her illness, aware that she will lose the only person who knows and cares about her existence. As she aimlessly wanders around the house, she unveils old memories, buried beneath the thick dust that has gathered through time and neglect.

Attempting to retreat back to her childhood through her memories, Mia reveals the pain and struggle, which influence her daily existence. Furthermore, she discovers not only how the relationship with her mother has shaped her, but also realizes that it is ultimately memory, which prolongs our existence when we turn to dust.

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