in 1991, berlin based artist carrie beehan records a
series of demos that remain untouched for 20 years,
with only a cassette tape as proof of their existence.

having shared the group of songs with friend
clinton curtis-querci, enthusiastically he suggested
that the songs should be revisited & expanded upon.

now, 5 films accompany 5 re-worked tracks.
“tall tale” films with a “folk opera” filmic soundtrack.

in this series, ms. beehan portrays 7 characters
of both genders that represent fragments of
the main character’s psyche and past.

existent are classic themes of lost love, sexual
naivety, struggles for power, & the existence of
family secrets that will be repeated if not confronted.

Our heroine utilizes fortune telling rituals & magic
to guide her from the boudior where she is first
abandoned, to a sewing factory where she is a sexual
submissive, to a open field of wild flowers where
she is targeted, & to a gypsy’s caravan where she
witnesses her genealogical past.. or future.

4 of the 5 films were shot entirely on green screen in a studio apartment in NYC's East Village on a total budget of $1200.00

Produced by Clinton Curtis-Querci & Carrie Beehan

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