Swim This performs a rare concert at Freddy's Back Room in Park Slope Brooklyn on Tuesday night January 24, 2012. Rare because their drummer, Gerry Hemingway, teaches now at the Hochschule Luzern in Switzerland and is rarely in New York. It was a joyous occasion. Produced by Michael Evans, the group started at 10:45pm and proceeded to play for over an hour stopping only once to play an encore. The video by Don Mount makes you feel as if you are in the front row of the dark and humid room and the sound is marvelous. The group moves in and out of massive textures and and colors as if, well, swimming in them. Someone recently described their music as shamanistic and in that fashion, reaching the end, they decide to play some more.

Swim This is:

Michael Lytle - bass clarinet & pre-recorded electronic tapes
Nick Didkovsky - tabletop guitar & devices
Gerry Hemingway - percussion & voice

Production credits are:

Videography - Don Mount
Sound Recording & Mix - Michael Lytle
Video Production - Michael Lytle
Concert Producer - Michael Evans

Please check out their web sites:
punosmusic.com/pages/swimthis/ and

The group invites you to play this back on a large television and sound system, invite your friends, sit and be a part of this wonderful concert. If you are listening on computer, be sure to adjust the bass higher 'til you are able to hear the bass drum. Then you have it about right.

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