Is the Enchantress an evil manipulator or just protecting her beautiful, innocent treasure? Does Rapunzel's mother really not want her child or to be a mother at all? Is Rapunzel a wise-ass? What does our hair style say about us? Why should you let your baby's hair grow for as long as possible? Why is hair on your head beautiful, but once it is cut or falls out almost repulsive? Why are these children's stories really so violent and frightening?

Several participants in the Rapunzel/ in perpetuum/forever collaborative residency at Queens College Art Center gathered on January 20, 2012 to discuss the significance of the story of Rapunzel (Part I) and some logistics related to the project (Part II.)

Artists are enlisted herein to disrupt, with rebel yell and long locks flying, the fixed points of enchantment, entrapment and escape embedded within the story of Rapunzel. Yet, even brandishing all the fire-power of modern art, the exercise may be futile: the lullaby of representation and chronology may continue crooning its narcoleptic song, the books in the library may remain shut, and Rapunzel may not ultimately escape her internal logic. But it won't be our fault.

Rapunzel | in Perpetuum | forever is a collaborative residency, exhibition and performance project housed at Queens College Art Center, Flushing, NY. The project will take place between February 9, and April 25, 2012. The project's curator, Tara Mathison, invited painter Anne Sherwood Pundyk to lead the process. Mathison describes In Perpetuum | forever as, "A multi-exhibition structured around the idea that artists continually influence each other. This collective consciousness is central to the evolution of art. As ideas filter through layers of human consciousness, transformations occur. Art is the realization of this collective action, although transformation is rarely immediate or stark. IP | forever offers a vantage into micro-populations where groups of artists converge around an initial concept, and the emergent collective conscience propels action. Similar to a winemaking solera, IP | forever nurtures the larger theme of forever by encompassing each solera/lead artist’s research with responses from the participating artist faction. Forever gaining momentum through its recombining context, IP | forever will continue to amass groups of artists and ideas, uniquely reshaping its overall scope and consciousness through each exhibition."

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