Video Transscript:
From America til China,
From CHina til Midle East
Anyone who thinks we are begging them for money,
they are wrong, we don't need your money

We, afghans are no beggars, Allah has gifted us with a very rich country
And our known and unknown heroes have served this country with there life!

"It is my wish, to see the kids of our nation studying for a bright future. Then no one will betray them. We will make this wish come true, Insha'allah -

Flowers are burning, in red fires
Everyone is crying within, were is the candle
in these dark nights
Everyone is living in messiery

It is my wish, to see the kids of our nation studying for a bright future
Then no one will betrey them.
We will make this wish come true, insha'allah

Why are you forbidding me to develop my language, why can not our language be official language in office, why can not our kids learn there mothertontue

We have no problem with any language of the world, but Pashto will be our official language, the power of our country will be in the hands of our nation

"we sold our land, very cheap, we sold our sky very cheap"

We gave a loan of millions of Rupees to this Pakistan, and still they call us inferior and poor

The water of our Abaseen river are stolen by Pakistan, and again they call us needy

This Pakistan betrayed us, by dividing the Pashtun nation!

"What did we do to our selfes, what will become of us, if we sell ourselfes
We Are forgetting our history and anciet culture"

"Allah is with us, we will succeed"

Like other countries of the world, Afghanistan Also has the right to be independent, But Pakistan is not letting them, Pakistan must swear by God to leave Afghanistan, and do not play withit anymore.

From America till rusia, all countries including these Punjabis, all must accept the independence of Afghanistan.

Swazey Guloona

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