Synopsis: A lonely young man sets up a meeting with a young punk rock girl he met online.

Runtime: 20 min.


Box Pictures Presents

A Short Film by Kyle Romaneck

Josh Guerrin as Brian

Andrew Lipson as Mickey

Samantha Henning as Amanda

Written by
Bobby Evers

Director of Photography
Crystal Stewart

Music by
Michael Mroz & Reid Muchow

Produced, Directed, & Edited by
Kyle Romaneck

This is the first short film that I've made so far where I really feel like it's come together the way I envisioned it. After creating "Wonderboy," I realized that many elements of the film suffered to some degree because I had taken on virtually every major role aside from DP and music in the film (writer, producer, director, actor, and editor). I had spread myself too thin, and taken on a variety of roles that I admit I am not the best at. Also, last time I just got people who I knew would be competent in their roles to be my cast and crew, but I didn't necessarily get people who loved the project with a passion. I think this changed the energy on the set. This time I vowed to not only get talented people to fill many of the roles, so that I could focus on producing and directing primarily, but I also only asked for the involvement of people who showed a definite passion and excitement for the project. In order to keep everybody's individual passion alive, I tried to loosen up my OCD hyper-controlling nature a bit, and really trust the other contributors to run with their role and creatively make it their own. I asked my friend Bobby Evers to write the script based off of a short story he had written that I thought was really great. I asked my girlfriend Crystal (of "Wonderboy" fame) to be the DP because I knew she had a good eye for photography, and I knew I could trust her to do her best. I held auditions and picked people not only for their acting ability, but for their excitement and love of the script. Fortunately I got the best of both worlds with all of the major roles. I got my friend Mike Mroz (also of "Wonderboy" fame) to do the music again because he had specifically been asking me if I had any new projects we could collaborate on. The end result is a short film that I feel really hit the nail on the head in terms of both tone and professionalism, and I'm genuinely proud of this piece. It would never have happened without the hard work and dedication of all the awesome, talented people who loved the project as much as I did, and really made it their own.

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