Kubiot (cubes) is a highly specialized media art installation performed in the Acco Theater Festival 2011.

This is a love story giving us a glimpse into one mans memories of his lost relationship. Different couples enter the building, each one from a different time and with a different vibe.

Just like any relationship, the good memories appear next to the bad ones, and like throwing the dice - the result of each couple is somewhat different.

For this production we built a studio size replica of the wall, with some interpretation. This was a fun playing ground for the actors, and also eventually evokes a unique interaction between the characters and the architecture.

by Orabnu: Orbanu.com
Concept: Yoav David, Lior Bentov and Yehontan Porat
Direction: Yoav David
Art director: Lior Bentov
Acting: Yehonatan Porat, Yael Finkel
Original Music: Alberto Schwartz
Sound Design: Binya Reches
Set Construction: Yaacov Gal
Compositing: Adam Lewinson

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