This piece refers to a general confusion where everyone does not know exactly what he is looking for. It addresses the question of link to our point of origin, link to another, its possible loss. It is a quest without goal, an vain pursuit, a search for something forgotten or lost, or fixed somewhere, in memory, in a hazy zone. It is the impossibility of meeting and frustration waiting for what does not happen.

Two beings deprived of contacts, wandering in an empty cage where are mixed together many scenarios of past, present and fantasy. They both move in an alternation of individual ways, breaks and short collective developments.

She : ghostly whiteness, obstinately grabbed to a line without horizon.
He : masked, can’t voluntarily see, hear and say, he is only preoccupied by the conquest of a territory just using his smell.

It’s a life time which oscillates between fight and game, before a general collapse.

A performance by A.lter S.essio
Conception, direction, audiovisual creation : Fabrice Planquette
Choreography, performance : Yum Keiko Takayama, Gianni Joseph
Text, voice : Arnaud Michniak
Costumes : Fabrice Planquette, Yum Keiko Takayama
Typography, drawings : Cécile Attagnant
Video technique : Thierry Wilmort, Sophie Leconte
Light : FP, Gaëtan Lajoye, Julien Dufour

with the participation of Nelson Reguera (voice, appearances)

Production : Panem Et Circenses (Charlotte Auché)

Partnerships : DRAC Picardie, Conseil Régional de Picardie, Amiens Métropole, festival de Saint-Riquier, Mai- son de la Culture d’Amiens, La Lune des Pirates, ESAM Caen

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