In July 2011, Illusion VFX completed over 257 VFX shots for Whytebooth Pictures’ feature film ‘Hard Shoulder’. Illusion VFX originally teamed up with producers Mark Booth and Gabrielle Lederman-Whyte and director Nicholas Lean during the pickup shoot of ‘Hard Shoulder’ in February 2010 and went on to become the major VFX vendor for the film.

Illusion VFX lead by VFX producer Daniel Evans, were asked to come on board the project to supervise a two day pickup shoot in February 2010. In November 2011, Illusion VFX was invited back onto the project to work on the post-production of initially 100 VFX shots for the film, which escalated to over 257 shots by the completion of the film in July 2011.

‘Hard Shoulder’ follows Carl a man committed to his work but a man who also knows he should give more time to his family. Taking a much needed break from the pressures of his professional life he embarks on a weekend vacation with his wife, daughter, and young son.

What begins as a pleasant, if somewhat conversationally strained journey, ends in a flurry of violent abuse and spine-tingling terror as Carl, in-advisably confronting a group of road-weary travelers, watches in desperation as the ones he loves are brutalized and humiliated in the dank and grimy confines of an abandoned roadside diner.

Illusion VFX cross collaborated on shots with other post-venders on the show, working closely with Technicolor London through a direct pipeline channel to the 2K conform of the final film.

The 257 VFX shots ranged from car number plate replacements, to full green-screen in-car background replacement, adding missing reflections and matte painted backgrounds as well as wire-removals and window replacements to achieve the director’s vision.

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