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3d simulation of the complete installation:

In these days our actions and thoughts are, more than ever, characterized by the use of technological media. The virtual world is becoming the technological horizon of our relationships.
So, it is around the reflections on the subject of aest-ethics of the relationships within the new technologies, that the interdisciplinary project of Dynamic Sculptures is born.
Our tendency to leave our inner world mainly to the virtual communication is pushing us away from the practicality of the physical matter and the skills of the actual touch.
Contemporary men are using the virtual expression because of its being dynamic, changeable, customizable, without limits of time and space, it is pushing us far from our contingency of a limited existence, isolating us in a blissful illusion.
Within this contest Dynamic Sculpture is suggesting a countertrend operation.
Instead of moving reality and relationships into the virtual world it is calling upon it to transform reality, permeating it.
Dynamic Sculpture, made up by poplar wood modules and an interactive digital “second skin”, is a public art piece and an invitation to relationships.
Relationship between men and land.
Communicative, creative and interactive relationship.
Real, essential and dynamic relationship.
Dynamic Sculpture is determined to recover the values found in public meeting places, (like a public square), which is meant to be a place where people actually meet as a collective ritual.
Today, unfortunately, we are, as technology-addicted people, isolated even in those places that are traditionally designated to cultural changes or chance meetings.
This work of art is thought up to be exhibited in a public place, it doesn’t invite to contemplation but to participation.
The structure of the sculpture can be manipulated by everybody setting up an ever changing formal organization of the piece.
Furthermore, since it is entirely covered by a digital dynamic projection and complete with its own interactive soundtrack, it generates rhythms, symmetric and asymmetric shapes, full and empty spaces, balance and disharmonies, based on the quality of the actions of those who interact with it.
As such the piece generates an ecosystem of relationships with limitless participation.

Giada Totaro

Sculpture - Acati e Canepa
The materials that make up Dynamic Sculpture are the following: wood for the moving parts, iron
for the weight-bearing structure that gives it stability and strength. The surfaces of the modules onto which we project the light and the colour, (a procedure of techno-painting), are treated with a pigmentation process, allowing the light to play with the depth of the coating, amplifying the colour rendering and the brightness.

Digital Skin - Dynamic Lightscape - n1ente
A transforming physical space mapped with a generative, interactive and audioreactive projection.
Symmetries, balances, chromatic rythms, react to the intervention on it and modulate his digital skin and his virtual light breathing.
The idea is to create a process that generates relation between the sculpture, the space and the people.
It provokes existing systems and proposes new relation with the environment.
It offers an opportunity to discover our intervention as an integral component of the world-shaping process.

VVVV receives data from Arduino that control 6 IR sensor detecting the position of the modules and the velocity and acceleration of their movements.

Sound - Infrason
The sculpure has is own rhythm and resonant breathing.
The soundscape is a multylayer composition, mixing togheter field recordings and synthesized sound (generated with Supercollider).
The movement of one or more panels of the sculpture generates sound and modulation and infuences the sound of the whole sculpture, every time in different ways; this gives a randomness of results, avoiding mechanical effects.
The idea is to give a continous fowing of resonant reverberations.
Supercollider receives data from VVVV by OSC protocol and uses them as parameter to modulate the soundscape.

vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.

SuperCollider is an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. It provides an interpreted object-oriented language which functions as a network client to a state of the art, realtime sound synthesis server.

SuperCollider was written by James McCartney over a period of many years, and is now an open source project maintained and developed by various people. It is used by musicians, scientists, and artists working with sound. For some background, see SuperCollider described by Wikipedia.

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