Inspired by the work of Raphael Ortiz, who would cut old films into small looping segments moving slowly through time, I used Processing to turn the 4:35 music video for Boards of Canada's "Dayvan Cowboy" into an hour-long stuttering and looping mess of video. The flaws of the software (not designed for handling video in such a way) and the limitations of computer power led to an imperfect render in which the looping, which should be smooth, becomes jerky and unpredictable, fully illuminating such technical imperfections.
To abstract the timeline even further, I cut the hour-long render exactly in half and layered the halves on top of one another, resulting in a piece which is not only sputtering and spiraling through time, but is doing so from multiple places in time. This turns transforms the work from a narrative-based piece into more of a video mosaic in which context become less important, allowing the viewer to experience the work in the moment.

Full length- 30:21

Boards of Canada- "Dayvan Cowboy" -

Raphael Ortiz:

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