Justice is a garment, a billion threads, interwoven, interlocked, knit together with strength and integrity. Pull one thread from the fabric and the garment begins to fray. Pull ten million threads and justice unravels into injustice.

A 3-minute long form advertisement for the upcoming Justice Conference. The concept behind this video is the culmination of the entire campaign. See more campaign elements at the official website: thejusticeconference.com/

Shot on the RED Epic.

Production Company: Fabric Creative
Studio: Power to Change
Director: Nate Salciccioli
Co-Director: Daniel Stewart
Executive Producer: Jerod Wanner
Producer: Gordie Cochran
DoP: Darryl Augustine
Editor: Eli Odegaard
Colorist: Denver Riddle
Composer: Ben Larson
Sound Design: David Todd Murray
Voiceover / Script: Micah Bournes

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