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LOS ANGELES TIMES, KENNETH TURAN: “A cool documentary that makes the blood boil… The movie manages, through intense focus on one particular case, to make points that resonate throughout our entire criminal justice system”

NEW YORK TIMES: "This smart, cool-headed film, which has a 'Rashomon'-like vision of the case, presents a disturbing picture of courtroom justice"

INDIEWIRE, Christopher Bell: "Powerful and unrelenting… You won’t find a better true crime documentary this year"

"SCENES OF A CRIME" explores a nearly 10-hour interrogation that culminates in a disputed confession, and an intense, high-profile child murder trial in New York state.

Police video-recordings allow directors Blue Hadaegh and Grover Babcock to unravel the complicated psychological dynamic between detectives and their suspect during a long interrogation.

Detectives, prosecutors, witnesses, jurors and the suspect himself offer conflicting accounts of exactly what happened in this mysterious and disturbing true-crime documentary.

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