This proposed online project explores the knowledge, research, and awareness that we have as a society of the human brain, and the effects that this curiosity has had on us. In the “age of the brain” we have witnessed many ground braking discoveries: from Sigmund Feud’s discovery of the unconscious, to the development of technologies that allow us to execute physical brain surgery. This project is an analysis of these discoveries, and together with this, it proposes a question whilst positioning the audience in an “awkward position.” Do we understand mental illness in its entirety? Or have we ventured into an unknown territory, that we may find later on resulted harmful to us? They say that once you get an idea in your head, there’s no way of ever taking it out. What if these mental illnesses are transmitted just like that, like ideas, and we ourselves are the disease?

This project takes the same title, and is inspired by a very interesting article that David Eagleman wrote for The Atlantic, that can be found here.

*Note: This project does not represent the brain’s physiognomy or its functions accurately.
this project is in part inspired by the amazing article of the same name that you can find here:

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