The driving force behind the destruction of the Amazon rainforest is the expansion of grazing land for cattle. Cattle grazing is responsible for 80% of Brazilian Amazon deforestation; whilst agriculture, mining and infrastructures are responsible for the remaining 20%. Brazil has been the world's largest beef exporter since 2003 and is also the leading world producer and exporter of raw leather hides.
Beef and leather consumption are transforming the Amazon into a sad and deadly place. The forest and its soul are destroyed to be replaced by daily suffering and slaughter.
ALMA, the soul, is about the spirit of the Amazon, the pain it endures and the plight of all the victims. ALMA is a cry from the heart, a call to stop our frantic consumerism.

After the incredible success of his first multi-awarded film GREEN, Patrick Rouxel returns to the screen with ALMA.
Ever committed to raising awareness, Alma points to the excesses of consumption and the costs to the Environment.

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