A story of a girl who is faced with a decision she never thought she'd have to make.

In the film program I am in, we are given basically two weeks to come up with an idea, write the script, cast the movie, find locations, film, edit, and give everything to a sound engineer to do the sound.

This is a result of two weeks of long work on everyone's part.

This was shot on my Red Scarlet-X #81. We shot this movie at 320 ISO using a Zeiss 50mm CP.2 2.1t. The ending shot was shot with the Red 18-85 at 3k.

Here's some information of the post work that was involved.

After we got done filming, we did slight color correction in Redcine-X Pro.
We then imported our r3d files in Premiere Pro and did all the cutting there.
We locked down our final edit a day and a half after filming.
From there, we went compressed a standard definition version for the sound engineer and let her begin her work.
Whilst that was happening, we spent time trying to learn Davinci Resolve and get the best color correction out of it. We had never used it before, so it was kind of challenging, but I think the end result was just fine.
After our color correction was done, we then exported as 10bit DPX files.
We opened those into Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and made a DPX sequence.
Then we finished off our everything by importing our AE sequence into Premiere Pro and syncing up sound, then exported a final 1080p version out using Media Encoder.

Im not sure if this is the most effective workflow to go about, but it was easy on us.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I would love to answer them and even learn from suggestions of a better work flow.

Also, if you want to download some r3d grabs, I will more than gladly post some.

Thanks guys!

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