This is one of the stops from the "Eddie Francis Truth Tour" held on February 20th, 2012, led by former city councillor Ken Lewenza. The following are his words:

"Sewage treatment Basin: First Stop"

The first stop on the Truth Tour was just a bit of a teaser, but clearly identified a story like many in our city that people know nothing about. This story was one that was presented to the Star like so many others, but never really picked up on. Because it tells a story of how the sewage treatment basin was achieved, that did not include being touched by the hand of the Mayor.

Please go back and see the Cogeco tape for your self when Eddie Francis speaks with so much confidence how this project would not qualify under the stimulus funding requirements set out by the federal and provincial governments. I would also not be surprised if the administration verified this supposed fact on this night because the ones present that night still work at city hall.

How this environmentally friendly project came to be was more a response from those on council who did not want to support the Mayors canal/marina concept. After the city council meeting just 24hrs prior to the stimulus funding deadline, Council did not include the canal project on the list of ready to go projects. The next day the Mayor summoned Council to a meeting at Malden Park where MP Jeff Watson would indicate on behalf of the Mayor that we were leaving money on the table. The ones that supported putting the treatment basin on the wish list, did so more to reject the mayors marina/canal project. You see by putting the treatment basin on the table councillors could not be accused by the Mayor's communication team at the Star in the next days paper for leaving money on the table.

The environmental benefits of this facility as well as a $40 million dollar savings to tax payers has been documented. Only the story behind it was not - until the “Truth Tour”.

This little story is not about demonstrating that the Mayor is not perfect. It demonstrates an example of how the Star refuses on so many occasions to identify his imperfections.

By Ken Lewenza

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