Winner of the Montgomery County Film Festival in 1980. Shot on Sony 1/2 inch open reel analog tape using Richard Montgomery video studio (3 cameras and a switcher). As well as a Sony Porta-Pak video camera (about 100 lbs)!
Made use of video overlay (analog) and analog key effect. Features Tori Amos in vocals.
Also one of the first videos to feature then state-of-the-art real-time digital signal processing (see positive-negative image comparison) occuring in transition scene between lab and woods- thanks to Dr. Pete Lemkin.
Video recorded 32 years ago! Sound track was original music- composed for violin, piano, voices, and analog Arp music synthesizer- recorded on 1/4 open reel tape with analog effects. Set was designed and filmed with a live three camera crew and set-up. Custom fish eye lens was provided by the Physics lab (the late Mr. Hines). Lab and forest were filmed with portable camera. Edits were done by pushing play of source deck and timing the record button push on the destination deck-- no computers- just timing of button pushing... Of course today, all could be done quickly and digitally-- but the fun is in the challenge and the team that this required... no small task!

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