Three anatomical bodies have abdicated every impulse to be visibly modeled by the outside: my arms follow his movements, carving every single gesture; my chest slightly insists against his, to draw an expression in its simple inclination. It’s almost an unarmed body, which – as a parasite – feeds himself with my movements. Ecce homo: here is the man, a matter moved from the outside, in which every expression is made out of technical precision; in which even the simplest gesture is always helped by thousand muscles.

performance, 2010 • 40’
Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Paola Villani
and with Simone Basani, Giovanni Marocco.

produced by: pathosformel / Fies Factory One
co-produced by: Centrale Fies, Operaestate Festival Veneto, Uovo performing arts festival
with the contribution of: Ufficio Promozione Giovani Artisti-Comune di Bologna
with the support of: Teatro di Fondamenta Nuove (Venezia)
in collaboration with: Teatro Franco Parenti - Progetto Residenze 

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