Video of today's class. Someone was on the way out when I was on the way in so Jason set us up to do some knees only clinch sparring (thanks again Jim) which you see in the beginning of the video.

I got tired quick during class, so everything else suffered. Might have been because of the sparring in the beginning or because this session was at 9am which is early for me to exercise.

I have no idea why but the captured audio was terrible. Completely unintelligible. Since I didn't want to just leave it as static noise, or nothing at all, I just dropped in some random dj mix I had that matched the length of the video roughly. Other than that, I did just some basic cutting of sections where nothing/very little is happening for a while (unlike my last MT class video haha).

I will also be making a shorter, more heavily edited and synced video just for the fun of editing and to link to friends/family of mine who might get bored watching this video all the way through.

:::: Encoding information
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
896x504 @ 24fps @ VBR 2.3-5 mbps bitrate
128 kbps audio, 44.1 khz, stereo

:::: Source information
Shot with: GoPro helmet cam outside of its case
1280x720 @ 60fps @ CBR 15 mbps bitrate
128 kbps, 48 khz, stereo

:::: Other info
Song: DJ Milkair - Hold on to Love 5
Full mix is 34 min long. Should be easy to find with google.

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