Emil & Friends Presents - "Crystal Ball"
Starring Emil Hewitt & Fahrani Empel, with Amira Miksch

Emil & Friends "Lo & Behold" - out now on Cantora: itunes.apple.com/us/album/lo-behold/id464007820


Director/Art Director/DoP - Michael Lawrence
Visual Effects - Alex Amoling
Editors - Alex Amoling & Michael Lawrence
Title Illustrations - Christopher DeLorenzo
2nd Unit DoP - Soma Helmi
Bali Unit AC - Carolina Bergier Cardoso
Sulawesi Unit AC - Shinto Salua
Buffalo Unit AC - Neil Maciejewski
Assistants - Tommy Zamma, Isaac Lubow
Post Production Facilities - Lucky Branded Entertainment

Cast - Emil Hewitt, Fahrani Empel, Amira Miksch, Carolina Bergier Cardoso, Rachel Tobias; the people of Bada Valley, Central Sulawesi
Cantora 2011
Commissioner - Nick Panama

Shot on Location in Bali, Sulawesi, East Aurora, Buffalo, and Brooklyn.


Special Thanks go out to Holly & Larry Maciejewski for providing lodging in Buffalo, Ryan O'Hara Theisen & Jonathan Rosen at Lucky Branded Entertainment in Brooklyn for supporting us through weeks of post production, Sue Useem & Lian Gogali for their gracious hospitality in Sulawesi, Bradford Wilcox for his camera loan in Bali, and Zan Zan for his almighty wisdom.

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