The 'Ayaba' Project endeavors to create a versatile garment that may be transformed into different looks for every day of the year by using accessories and changing the silhouette.

The traditional abaya, the popular garment of the region, in many ways complies with the attributes of a uniform in that is simple, comfortable, practical, is adaptable to every shape and size, and it can be worn every day.

We transformed the traditional 'abaya' into an 'ayaba' - a new uniform by creating various slits, attaching buttons and adding elastic draw strings. The versatility of the ayaba allows it to playfully morph into endless variations that reflect multicultural styles that reach across the world from East to West, while also presenting a variety of looks, from funky day to elegant evening wear.

The 'Ayaba' project is part of the Interdisciplinary Design Workshop
Professor Stella Colaleo
Marion Sanguesa
Mayasaa Al-Mumin
Mona Yousif Alansari
Yang Soon Ju

Photography: Stella Colaleo
Video: Simone Muscolino
Model: Marion Sanguesa
Soundtrack: Velvet Underground & Nico - I'll be your mirror

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