A Better Life? Devin Nunes & His Bad Bill (9:08)

Congressman Devin Nunes won't like this video.

But then, Salmon Water Now doesn't like his newest piece of legislation that he wants to make the law of the land. Have you read or seen anything about HR 1837? Talk about an abomination! Please, talk about it with everyone you know.

This bill is designed to benefit a few San Joaquin valley interests at the expense of State and national water quality protection and State water rights laws. It will cost millions of dollars and destroy jobs throughout Northern California, Oregon and Washington states because of its impacts on the commercial and recreational fishing industries and the surrounding communities. The Nunes' bill represents a blatant regional power grab to ensure a select group of irrigators jump to the head of the water bucket line at the expense of everyone else in the state.

There seems to be no end to his dreams of delivering unlimited and unrestricted amounts of water for agriculture in the Central Valley. HR 1837 would virtually guarantee unlimited amounts of water for valley irrigators and prohibit any water from being used for the environment.

And salmon? Screw 'em.

Congressman Nunes has never been shy about pushing the agenda of big agriculture. He's quick to label anyone who questions his position as being a "radical environmentalist." Well go get your "Save the Earth" button clutch it in your hand as you watch this new video. After you watch it, fire off an email or phone call to your Congressional representative and let he or she know that HR 1837 needs to be killed.

And while you're at it -- tell Devin Nunes that it's time for Salmon Water, Now.

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