SHORT FILM - 11:11

RUSSIAN Empire — September 23, 1878

In the early morning light of her 25th birthday, Duchess Natalia stepped out, alone, into the forest. Following the voices that drew her there — the same voices she’d heard since accepting a mysterious crystal vial from an old woman at a flea market a week earlier — she ventured deeper and deeper into the tundra.

At first delighted by the call of Nature, she soon grew frightened, realizing she was too deep in the snowy, barren land to find her way home.


Production Company: Idyll Films
Producers: Gregory de Maria and Gene Nazarov
Director: Gregory de Maria
Text: Kelly Marages
Actress: Olga Maliouk
Cinematographer: Gregory de Maria
Editor: Gregory de Maria
Colorist: Gregory de Maria
Visual Effects: Resident Creative Studio
Music: Arvo Pärt and György Ligeti
Location: Maine, United States

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