This video serves as a documentation for my most recent interactive piece created as part of the "Toys for Young Robots" project moderated by Casey Reas.

This software was developed to teach children the concepts behind adjectives, nouns, and verbs. The lesson plan was inspired by a very angry mother that was blogging about the lack of concentration our elementary schools have on english writing.

I wanted the program to serve the purpose of a class taught by "Doctor Robo." The program is meant to be played once, twice, or maybe three times for re-iteration. In the end, the point of my project is to give children a basis for learning these concepts. The final segment of the game, "flashcards" was created using the Japanese "QR code" technology. By holding the barcode of the flashcards up to the child's webcam, they are able to see if their assumption about the image (noun, adjective, or verb) was correct.

My aesthetics were created from various forms of propaganda, from WWII until now. The game is supposed to conceptually hint at the fact that the computer is not the best way to teach our children, and that teacher to student interaction is a necessity for success.

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