///////// the idea

what a whirlwind. this was our first attempt at a same day/ next day edit shot all on Scarlet and Epic. we did pull out a C300 with the help from our friends at LensProtoGo for all of the party footage, but everything else was entirely Epic/Scarlet.

we put together this piece for WPPI. we had the idea of telling the story of WPPI through four perspectives; an exhibitor, a new attendee, a veteran attendee, and an educator. put together, these perspectives represent the many sides of WPPI. from there we wanted to follow each through WPPI and tell their story. it was an event style shoot so it was definitely tough to keep up with the Epic and Scarlet but we are definitely happy with the decision. we ran them mostly on monopods, and we had them rigged to keep us pretty mobile. because tradeshow floor lighting is often mixed, and because we would be shooting quick in so many different places, being able to shoot in raw let us really dial things in (as much as possible on such a tight schedule).

///////// workflow

Quenna edited this piece, while Joyce (Scarlet) and I shot (Epic) and Ray handled all audio - laving all characters and booming as a second source. we synced timecodes and ran both the Epic and Scarlet with no on board audio to get them super small and mobile. the only exception to this was interviews where Ray ran a feed into the Scarlet so we had a guide track to help find the key parts quicker. we had 3-4 things, at a minimum, to shoot each day, so the plan was to cover a piece of the story, download the footage and rough cut that section. everybody cut their own footage in RedCine Pro and it was lightly coloured before export to proresLT. here is where the power of raw was huge. we identified several different areas we shot at and created a look through RedCine for each. we could then save that look and share it between laptops. this meant that Joyce could quickly sync the look of her footage to mine and we could color footage shot on multiple days in the same spots almost instantly. from there, Quenna took the selects and started to put the story together. we had a rough storyboard that we adjusted as things happened or didn't happen. Quenna worked with HD resolution prores files, so at this point editing was pretty normal for her aside from sound sync. as she finished sections, Ray would open the project on another machine and sync sound by timecode. it was a more complicated process than DSLRs or shooting with a C300 or F3, but it also gave us the power of 4K/5K, raw, slow motion and more. more than anything, we wanted to know if we could do it and keep up. as with any shoot, we definitely found some areas to make us quicker next time but it all came together hours before the screening and this piece debuted to open the awards show at WPPI Wednesday night.

///////// special thanks

thanks to our characters;
Jerry Ghionis, our veteran attendee
Smilebooth, our exhibitor
Justin and Mary Marantz, our educators
Jen Jar, one of our new attendees
Katie Ingraham, our other new attendee
Jimi Fallin, our local Vegas production support that made shooting this way possible

///////// special thanks

the soundtrack was licensed through with etiquette. the track is Kye Kye 'Trees and Trust'

For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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