This 10-minute clip shows an epic mountain biking ride in the Judea Desert, along an ancient and treacherous camel track ("nakeb" in Arabic). I shot this movie using a GoPro camera mounted on my bike's handle bar.

Before the invention of synthetic sugar, Jericho was a hub for sugar cane processing. The canes were cooked into molasses, which was then put in containers and shipped by camel caravans to the Jaffa seaport. This activity went back at least a thousand years, if not more.

The camel track runs on a magnificent mountain range separating Nachal Og (south) and Wadi Kelt (north). We normally start near Jericho, and climb through the tributaries of Nahal Og up to Maale Edumim. Then we turn around and descend the Sugar Trail back to Jericho. The whole thing takes about 5 hours, 30 km, and 1000 meters of vertical ascent/descent.

The Judea Desert, located in a no-man's land between Israel and Palestine, runs in our veins. I hope that the clip captures some of the sheer joy, if not ecstasy, which takes over whenever we bike in this majestic region.

-- Shimon

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