This is the culmination of many weeks of work on a few spots for Tiger Beer.
The majority if my time was spent working on the "blue guy" getting his elements to all work together, massaging his cloth simmed clothes, pulling them apart and reforming, tweaking their look, integrating and adding the paint stroke trails and splashes etc etc. This was done for the first spot "Skill" that featured just the blue guy.
We then took that toolkit and used it as the basis for this spot called "Battle"
I worked with fellow compositors Eric Concepcion (who was mainly responsible for the orange speed guy), Chris West, and Fabian Tejada with Blake Huber and David Parker finalizing the shots

As well as the many many more people that worked on these spots

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Director: Dennis Go and Jonathan Notaro
Designers: Ricardo Villavicencio, Freddy Arenas
CG Lead/Technical Director: Meng Han Ho
3D Animation: John Kalaigian, Ryan Lang, Ylli Orana, Spyridon Serbos, Freddy Arenas, Jerry Chow, Brad Walter, Aras Darmawan, Piotr Glabinski, Christian Day
3D Tracking: VramFX
Rotoscoping: BotFX, Mark Leiberman
Storyboard Artists: Will Rosado, Matt Robinson
Flame Artist: Blake Huber, David Parker
2D Animation/Compositors: Danny Princz, Eric Concepcion, Chris West, Fabian Tejada
Editor: Moss Levenson
Executive Producers: Devin Brook, Kayt Hall
Producer: Ryan McRee

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