USA’s Closest Ally That You Don’t Know
--America celebrates its 20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Azerbaijan --
-- Most Reliable Ally in Muslim World --
-- Azerbaijan Commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre --
-- Iran’s Northern Neighbor Provides Support to United States Operations
-- Partner in War on Terror- Supplies Solders, Allows US to Transport Supplies and Troops --

(New York City - February 25, 2012) - This a free to use with no obligations, TV News Satellite Feed covering the Azerbaijan. The footage contained within this VNR may only be used within a story related to the Azerbaijan and may not be used for any other purpose.

1- Full Screen over-the-shoulder TV news graphic.

2- Situated on the northern border of Iran, Azerbaijan is one of the most important United States allies in a region that also includes Afghanistan and Iraq. Azerbaijan is working with the U.S. and Israel to curb Iran’s nuclear weapons development and is an important friend in an increasingly tense part of the world. As the war on terror continues, Azerbaijan is our least well known, yet one our most reliable allies in the Muslim world. Its armed forces have been fighting side-by-side with the United States in Afghanistan. The United States and its NATO allies have also used Azerbaijan to transport troops, food and supplies to our armed forces in Afghanistan. Simply put, Azerbaijan is critically important to American security. And it will be even more important in the near future, as it just began a two year term on the UN Security Council.

3- The Khojaly massacre was a tragedy that remains very important to the people of Azerbaijan, who are marking its 20thanniversary with a national day of mourning on February 26th.. On that day in 1992, at the height of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the village of Khojaly was attacked by Armenian forces in the middle of the night. 613 civilians were killed that night, including 106 women and 63 children. The incident has been recognized by Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, and major international publications as a tragedy. The commemoration of that tragic day is to be held just as Azerbaijan and the United States celebrate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations, established after Azerbaijan gained its independence from the former Soviet Union in late 1991. The Azerbaijan America Alliance has spearheaded a national awareness campaign with outdoor advertisements in New York and Washington D.C., along with print and online ads.

4- In the next 20 years Azerbaijan is going to be responsible for up 20% of the natural gas used by U.S. allies in Europe. The Caspian Sea has yielded oil and has made Azerbaijan into a new power player in worldwide oil. Major international companies are drilling for oil and doing business there.

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