So this was the first official ROYAL HC FLASH COMP and I am super stoked to be a part of it. The day started off with almost a hundred kids waiting out side of local bike shop City Grounds in downtown Long Beach, Ca. This had to be one of the biggest turn outs I have ever seen for a Fixed Freestyle Comp and it had nothing to do with Pro riders this time except having Joe McKeag, Antonyo Wothe, and Justin "CONGO" Mitchell being the judges for the comp. At about 11:15am on February 18 the group headed out to Houghton Skate Park led by Joe McKeag. Also leaving city Grounds was the Ally Cat Race. The race consisted of just over 11 miles and 2 check points which was won by "WILLO" and Morris Anthony came in 2nd. Place. The FLASH COMP had two categories featuring a Sponsored and Unsponsored class of amateurs. For the unsponsored class Hector Carillo took 1st. Place and for the sponsored category Marco Marquez took 1st. place. These kids went all out and it was so much fun to be there with kids competing that were half of my age. These kids are getting so good and there is no doubt in my mind that these kids are the future of Fixed Freestyle as a sport. Watching kids throw bikes around that were almost as big as they were was priceless and yet so sick ! I really look forward to seeing the next ROYAL HC FLASH COMP and hope to get a chance to film all these riders again. This was the first comp I have ever filmed with only 1 camera so please do not be upset if I missed a trick because there was so much going on and having multiple riders to watch out for on the course was insane hahaha. Enjoy the video guys I give you ALL MAD PROPS FOR SOME SUPER SICK RIDING !!! YOU GUYS WENT HARD IN THE PAINT !!!

Filmed and Edited by - JahRome/

Camera - Canon 7D
Lens - Vivitar 7mm Fish Eye

Date Filmed - 2-18-2012
Location - Houghton Skate Park - Long Beach, Ca.

Sponsored Results
1st. Marco Marquez
2nd. Gabe Winawer
3rd. Michael Dinh
4th. Jacob Santos
5th. Gabriel Garcia

1st. Hector Carillo
2nd. Alberto Anguiano
3rd. Christian Musgrave
4th. Omar Sebai
5th. Junho Park

Sponsored Riders

Sam Houser
Nick Agnew
Christian Ustarroz
Kevin Aguilar
Max Pulice
Gabe Winawer
Marco Marquez
Baby Jacob Santos
Gabriel Garcia
Michael Dinh
Collin Cox
Desmond Cook

Unsponsored Riders
Calvin Guntetong
Chris Avolio
JP Case
Robert Rice
Dominic Zinno
Bijan Pirsaheli
Oscar Lopez
Calin Hernandez
Michael Guntetong
Omar Sebai
Brandon Tomita
Ken Nguyen
Jorge Cortez
Alex Fan
Justin Rojas
Jayden Silva
Hector Carillo
Charlie Bui
Michael Wilson
Junho Park
Kevin Lovillo
Derek Salvador
Michael Stanis
Christian Musgrave
Michael Trewartha
Alberto Anguiano
Grant Higgins
Gage Romero
Zack Zlozower
Ulises Mendoza
Steven Zelada
Jerry Chanchuan
Tyler Park
Don De La Cruz
Max Gardener
Bam Astro

1st. WILLO
2nd. Morris Ramon Anthony
3rd. Royce Prevo

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