Installation, radios, custom software, electronics

"Towards the end of his life, Guglielmo Marconi came to believe that acoustic phenomena continued to hang in the air until well after the moment of their first sounding. Since he interpreted sounds as bodies of vibrations with an envelope of decay extending theoretically to infinity, Marconi reasoned that the sensation of silence – dead air – was merely a matter of perceptual imperfection." - Bodies, Anti-Bodies & Nobodies Gregory Whitehead

A.M. re-envisions the process of dying - passing from the actual, material, electric body to the virtual, immaterial no-body - as an intimate and ever-present relationship between the living and the dead. As visitors walk into a static saturated space lined with radio receivers, IR sensors trigger transmissions of text-to-speech "readings" of obituaries mined from the Internet. As one moves further into the space, the body acts as an antenna and/or creates interference with the transmitted signal. In other words, the living either interrupts or completes the circuit with (the broadcast of) the dead.

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