This is an update to the first 3D Primitives animation that was done a few years ago. This time the entire thing is rendered in stereo 1080p [HD] and has many more scenes. The geometry of the shapes are much more complex and sometimes morph in front of your eyes. There is also lots of depth of field rendering going on to help give the 3D an extra POP that makes it worth watching.

This edit of the video is rendered in 3D anaglyph format because Vimeo doesn't support a way to switch between 2D and 3D modes. If you want to see a 2D version of the animation you can check out the versions on Youtube, and Nvidia 3DVision Live:

A gallery of still images from this animation can be found on flickr:

The music used is "11 strANGE Ls" by Mark Neil from the Vimeo Music Store.

"11 strANGE Ls" by Mark Neil (

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