The Canon 5D Mark II can deliver amazingly nice videos. But if you shoot certain scenes aliasing/moire can ruin them easily.

Finally there is a solution: The VAF-5D2 Anti AA Filter. As this moire torture test (watch the roof tiles) shows it works as we hoped for.

- Test was shot with Canon 5D Mark II and 24-105mm f/4 Zoom at f/8.
- Edited in FCPX and Tonality Grading with Tonalizer|VFX


1. Filter is easy to insert

2. Filter is also easy to remove but be careful not to damage the filter with removal tool

3. Please study the "Important Things to know"


The VAF-5D2 Anti AA Filter solves the aliasing/moire issues for us and improves the video quality a lot. We did not find any major loss in sharpness. A friend of us also confirms the very positive effect on more diverse footage.

Best you download the video for closer inspection.

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