Some footage (ungraded) I shot from the 2012 Alaska Mixed Climbing Competition. The Mixed Comp is part of the Alaska Ice Climbing Festival, a three day event with presentations, clinics and lots of climbing, inside and outside.

Will Gadd designed the two routes, he also gave an awesome presentation at the Bear Tooth Theater and was the official heckler during the comp.

This wasn't an easy shoot. The lighting in the gym is terrible, dark and contrasty. I shot it flat. The lights put out some of the ugliest color, strange pink and greens, I gave up trying to get matching color balance. I spent most of the time bouncing around the gym, trying to get different angles while trying not to get hit by flying ice tools.

Music is by Maggie Council and was licensed through Vimeo's Music Channel.

For more info on the Alaska Ice Festival visit:

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