This Movie documents the footage taken by a group of Missionaries mainly From Johnson County Indiana who were accompanied by a 13yr old Girl Taylor McCann on a Mission to Haiti. With over 15 hours of video footage, and over 1000 pictures to filter through, this only tells "Part" of the Story and the Experience. Beginning with a PREZI overview that can be found at

[Sorry about the slow beginning and the Green Screen at the 9:45 mark that lasts about 10 seconds, don't worry, it's not your screen, it was just a rendering error.]

The movie then goes to an interview 1 day after arriving home, As Taylor gives some of her final thoughts on the Trip, Video Footage of her experiences are woven into the recounting of her story. The stories told and footage show both the Beauty and Ugliness of Haiti. Most of the footage is Raw, uncut, unedited flip cam footage. Taylor tells her story, starting with her most influential impact (The Kids) who represent the HOPE and FUTURE of Haiti. With other footage of the Countryside, Port Au Prince, Villages, and the Rest of the People. Including an unexpected find of an old Sugar Cane Refinery estimated to be over 200 - 300 years old. Follow Taylor as they Feed over 700 Children at a School in Guitton and an Entire Village at Na Wash. There are many other stories from this trip to be told, they will have to wait to another project, such as the tragic death of a boy who tried to help a truck stuck in the mud right next to where our Team was working. The Construction Efforts of The team as they poured concrete for days, painted buildings, roofed houses, built half walls and painted fences. Those Stories will be told in an upcoming project to be titled "Working in Haiti".

The Video and Photos used in this Film Project were taken by her Father Ben McCann, Chris Johnson, Sherry Scott, Rita Matney, and Taylor McCann herself. Some of the photo's used were taken from the SMI Haiti website

This film was an Independent production, not commissioned by, or associated with SMI Haiti, or Grace Assembly of God. Videos and Photo's were used with Permission by those who own took them and own the rights to them.

P.S. Sorry about the slow beginning and the Green Screen at the 9:45 mark that lasts about 10 seconds

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