Shot on location in Petaluma, California at Lagunitas Brewing Co, here's a glimpse into the magic and mystery that goes into every bottle of IPA.

The bottling line is where these hoppy brews meet their exclusive vessels for the long journey into our hands. Each bottle has a story, and the column of glass marching along machinery makes for a stunning depiction of how we get what we drink. It's not simple (perhaps even a little nauseating, with all that spinning), to be a bottle on the line. And the guys on the line bust their asses in the background to keep the brews tasty and consistent. So when you empty that bottle, remember all it took to fill it up.

Thanks to Ron, Tony & the dudes in the bottling plant.
Filmed with Canon & Go Pro cameras as part of an upcoming feature about Lagunitas Brewing Co., with awesome music by Löhstana David (Creative Commons). Special thanks to Mike Buckley!

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