For this piece I spliced up 36 different sci-fi films, combined together to become an interlace of cinema. This here is an excerpt of the first 8 minutes - I simply don't have access to the computational power right now to put out a full render.

Originally I was hoping to work with 108 films, splicing 1 across 10 pixels each for a 1080 master, but again this was a bit of a strain on my Macbook.

36 seemed to be a nice number that balanced somewhere between being at times indecipherable, but also recognizable in other moments.

INTERLACE then comes to be a kind of scramble. An interference, or a horizontal concertina of film. It's a play on the frame, a sandwiching of content into a 'simultaneous cinema'.

Watching a multitude of films at the same time is ultimately pretty ridiculous. But it speaks to the streams of content ever-flowing through our RSS readers, web 2.0 feeds, and Bit-Torrent channels, suggesting a new hybrid form of input more familiar to the digitally native non-linear sapien.

Films used:

2001: A Space Odyssey - 2046 - Akira - Alien - Alien3 - Alien Ressurection - Aliens - Avatar - Children of Men - Coboy Bebop - Cypher - ET - Equilibrium - Event Horizon - EXistenZ - Fantastic Planet - Flight of the Navigator - Futureworld - Galaxy Quest - Ghost in the Shell - Logans Run - The Matrix - Predator - Predators - RoboCop - Star Wars - Surrogates - Terminator 2 - The Last Starfighter - The Lawnmower Man - The Running Man - The Andromeda Strain - THX 1138 - Total Recall - Tron Legacy

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