If you've ever wondered what a freeway in Los Angeles looks like during rush hour, here is your chance. It's pretty much a parking lot.

Lane Splitting (a.k.a. Lane Sharing) is legal in California. It's really the only way to travel in LA if you plan on getting anywhere on time. It's also a lot of fun.

I ride in the negative space that hardly no one else is using. Motorcycles are fairly scarce out here, I don't see as many as I thought I would.

This ride travels from downtown to Hollywood on the 101, and was filmed with the mini GoPro helmet camera.

The footage is real time, but time-remapped and sped up near the end just for fun (and to fit the entire ride to the length of the song).

Music by the Melvins "Suicide in Progress" from the "Nude with Boots" album.

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