Abraham Joffe (cinematographer)

"This project became something quite special to me the more I got to know Brett + Heather. It was incredibly humbling that they decided it was worth the cost of bring untitled to Hawaii for their wedding. What made it even more motivating for us was brett and heather's appreciation of storytelling and the whole process. They were really engaged from the start.

To help tell the journey Brett and Heather were taking, we all decided to shoot quite number of pre and post scenes. This included filming everything from the design of their rings, to Brett's work as an animator and their shared love of riding. I really feel this helped capture the thought and passion they put into everything they do, and explain how they got to this place in their lives.

When traveling for a shoot you obviously want to keep your kit as compact as possible. This can be tough when you get used to all your usual "must have" tools!

But for those interested, here is what we brought to Hawaii for the shoot:

2 x 5Dm2
15 x LEXAR 16G CF cards
70-200 2.8 II
24 1.4
35 1.4 (for most gidecam shots)
50 1.2
100 macro 2.8
Monopod, 2 tripods (miller solo), DP slider, glidecam

I was lucky enough to have Dave cowling come to help shoot the Hawaii leg of the project, as well as Joel Campos, a local from Hawaii (and who also provided some additional kit - importantly lights!) Also, to maximize our time shooting with the couple, we decided to source some of the establishing shots from the masterful work of Devin Graham, which he kindly allowed us to purchase for this film.

Marlon really excelled, yet again, with a stellar edit and grade. I felt almost guilty dumping on him over 8hours of footage! His words on the project now follow.."

Marlon Simmons (edit + grade)

"It's not every day you work on an edit that has more Pre Wedding footage than the actual wedding itself. Of course it means a lot more narratives but it did mean having to take a slightly different approach than I usually would.

Whilst editing the main wedding feature, in particular the speeches, I was able to gain insight into Brett and Heather as a couple and found out some of the significant stories they've shared along their journey through life.
Matching visuals for each narrative was quite easy and the hardest part of the edit wasn't finding narratives but arranging them in a way that can connect with the audience and keep them interested for the entire piece.
Having met at a bike rack we knew this would be a key story in the film and it seems cycling was a recurrent theme.

Throughout the film we tried to portray their journey together and the last scene where they get on a tandem was used to signify they are now joined together, still doing what they love and enjoy but united as one.

The credits were Abe's idea and I love the voyeuristic nature of them. It really brings a BTS look at some of the funnier moments that occur at Weddings every week but are masked out in order to create a film free of blemishes. But I think these little moments make this piece interesting and bring that 3rd Dimension of "FUN" to the film

Overall it was fun, full of sweat and many hours of editing that is all worthwhile after hearing they both loved the film"

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