The Myth.

The Legend.

The Sun Summoner.

The Bay Area's all-round tough guy, Scott Mosher, in his second trip ever to Bishop (which was coincidentally his second-ever outdoor climbing trip!) results in some super-sick sendage by our EPIC reflector guy. It's our pleasure to present to you his brilliant bouldering skills at The Sads, including earth-shattering take-downs on Low Angle Arete - VB (0:18), China Doll - V0 (0:55), Parliament - V0 (1:30), an unnamed problem on the "Hauck A Loogie Boulder" - V1 (1:44), World Shut Your Mouth - V2 (1:57), a right exit variation of World Shut Your Mouth - V2 (2:30), and a flash of Heavenly Path - V1 (3:05)!* All of this after not 1, not 3, but FIVE laps by our own Scotty in a frozen regulation Olympic-size swimming pool in the middle of a frigid winter's night at the Comfort Inn Campground in Bishop! This truly is the stuff gods are made of!

Good work Scotty!

* Make sure to crank up your volume dials beyond 11 so that you can bask in the full-experience that is SCOTT MOSHER!

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