Size: 20 cupboards of 1,80 m (h) x 35 cm (w) x 60 cm (d)
Technique: interactive installation consisting of carton, wood and various electronics

Shoutkast is a tribute to the essence of the internet: a network of machines that allows people to share information.

This installation allows visitors to share their shouts with eachother without the downsides of censorship, moderation or privacy infringement.

Shoutkast is an interactive installation, consisting of a row of cupboards made of carton.

The title of the work is a combination of the english word ‘shout’ and the dutch word ‘kast’, which means cupboard, or closet. Except for this literal translation, this title also refers to the phenomenon of ‘shoutcasting’ software which makes it possible to broadcast audio over the internet.

The complete installation consists of twenty cupboards of 1m80 high and 35cm wide. Alltogether the installation can span a width of seven meters. Each cupboard has seven drawers, and all drawers have a unique and randomly generated IP-address on its front.

The drawers open and close by themselves continiously in a random order. As soon as a drawer opens, it is up to the visitor to scream into it, after which the sample will be saved into that particular drawer. The drawer will close and as soon as it will open again, the sample that was left into it will be played loudly into the room.

At any time in this process it is possible to overwrite a previous recorded sample by simply shouting into the drawer again.

Since a large amount of drawers is simultaneously open, this can result in a big cacofonic chaos of sounds and voices.

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