Programming Media I, Prof. Casey Reas
UCLA D|MA Winter 2009 - "Toys for Young Robots"

A machine acquires a true grasp of human emotion. That machine is self-improving. Neither of these things actually happened during the course of the study, but one could imagine that, if they had, then that machine would be capable of stirring a human being's emotions in a very compelling way. Then eventually in a very, very compelling way. Then eventually in a very, very, very compelling way times infinity. This is the premise that inspired the project.

The aim of this project is to try to begin to teach a machine to exhibit/simulate emotion, in at least some senses of some of the preceding words. I can't claim to have furthered the field of artificial intelligence in any way. Ultimately the project examines how a machine could tamper with meaning, and how we might condition that machine to "tamper" in an emotionally compelling way.

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