Update: (Interested in freelance work, check my profile)

Finally got permission to upload this.
The latest result of my Naiad tests while working at LipSync Post.

Simulated in Naiad 0.5.7
Rendered in Houdini Mantra with custom water/foam shaders

Update: Sim Info (Marcus Nordenstam reckons it would sim considerably quicker than this in 0.6+)
Cell count: ~12 million cells
FLIP particles: ~16-24 million
Foam particles: ~6-12 million
FLIP sim time: 45 hours
Foam sim time: 10 hours
Meshing+decimating: 8 hours
Mantra rendering: 3-4 minutes per frame

No longer working on it, but if and when I get the chance, the next planned step is to blend the sim into an Ocean Toolkit mesh.

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