Video Musics III: Floating Oceans is a 38-minute stop-motion animated video opera based on the works of the early 20th century Irish writer Lord Dunsany and inspired by the time and dream experiments of the Irish physicist John William Dunne. The piece explores and celebrates Irish mythology and culture, and the balance between non-linear and traditional linear narrative. Irish literature is reexamined through the meters of modern classical, hip-hop, ambient, and psychedelia, deconstructing and reconstituting various cultural postures.

Video Musics III: Floating Oceans contrasts the vivid dreams of a nameless poet-protagonist with the foreboding routine of pedestrian life. When the protagonist attends a bourgeois dinner party, he hears different guests´ tales, each in its own melodic and visual style, affording glimpses of inchoate longing through the tattered veil of dinner-party patter. Parts operate under the tow of dream logic. All dialogue and narration are expressed through the lyrics and music.

This work is the third in a series of animated video operas by Alexis Gideon. During screenings, the film is accompanied by live musical performance. The live music mirrors the action exactly, and the animated characters´ mouths are perfectly in sync with the sung

World premiere October 11, 2012 at the Hollywood Theater in Portland,

Extensive US and Europe tours start October 2012.

The vinyl+video download release is slated for October 2012 on

Animation by: Alexis Gideon and Cynthia Star

Character design and fabrication by: Alexis Gideon and Cynthia Star

Costume design and fabrication by: Alexis Gideon, Cynthia Star, Tasha Zack, and Matylda Osceola

Set design and fabrication by: Alexis Gideon, Cynthia Star, Jamin London Tinsel , Tasha Zack, and Melody Owen

Based on the short works of Lord Dunsany

Written by: Alexis Gideon and Jacob Rubin

Music composed, performed, and produced by: Alexis Gideon

Directed by: Alexis Gideon

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